Philosophy and Values

Sustainability in our supply chain and respectful handling of nature, animals and humans are the essential values, on which we base all our activities, cultivation practices, and processing of our products.

We view our fruit orchard as a living organism. Hence, we employ natural substances such as medicinal herbs (e.g. Valerian), minerals and cow dung in a specific manner.

Applied in small dosages, it's not the amount used that makes them effective, but the fine matter information much like homeopathy.

This nourishes the fertility of the soil and enriches the flavour, the taste and the colour of our fruit.
Plants are dependent on cosmic rhythms such as the position of the sun and the phases of the moon and we take this into consideration when we apply our compounds.

All fertilisation is done organically and via composting. We improve the eco-system by planting sections of wild herbs and roses all the while enhancing the overall aesthetics of our orchard. At the same time, this makes us privy to experiencing the wonderful interaction between humans and nature.

Demeter farming at Clostermann's Neuhollandshof

Demeter  is a trade mark which represents organic farming quality. It was the first ecological label for organically produced foods, based on the anthroposophical philosophy and methodology of Rudolf Steiner. As a certified Demeter-farm, our production and processing standards are controlled regularly and strictly by the certification organisation.