Farm and Family


The Neuhollandshof story began in 1867 when it was founded by Berta Holland and Wilhelm Overdiek.

In 1927 on his return from a trip to England, his son August brought the first findings of modern fruit cultivation to the Lower Rhine.

The early 1950s saw his daughter Dorothee marry Gerd Clostermann, a farmer and graduate of agricultural studies. Together they opened one of the first farm shops in the region and continued to run the business until the early 1980s.



 This is when Rolf Clostermann came in with his wife Thea ready to take over fruit cultivation. Under one proviso – that it embraced biodynamic agriculture!

So in 1982 the first areas were converted to Demeter-cultivation: quite a pioneering achievement, as organic fruit growing was still in its infancy at that time. And Rolf Clostermann was one of the first fruit growers in Europe convinced there was another way!

Since the beginning of the 1990s, our entire orchard has been cultivated biodynamically and thus bears the DEMETER quality seal.

Hofveranstaltungen auf dem Neuhollandshof Clostermann


The Neuhollandshof is the grounding in everything we do, it is a source of identity and a place of strength for us and our employees.

At Neuhollandshof we see apples, the farm and culture as an entirety that enriches our lives and inspires our work every day.

With guided tours through the orchards and events in our teahouse and cultural forum, we offer a meeting place, create transparency and provide information on organic cultivation.

Today, we are a versatile company – and the processing of our organic apples into our own products is a particularly flourishing branch of our business.

Whether classic apple juice, Rhenish apple spread, apple prosecco or our award-winning, alcohol-free apple sparkling wine “Appléritif” – pioneering spirit, innovative power and love of nature have characterised our family and farm history for generations.

Indeed, fifth generation Leslie Clostermann oversees our apple specialities and is responsible for taking these products into the future.

Thea, Rolf und Leslie Clostermann