Philosophy and Values


The Neuhollandshof is something close to our heart; a lively meeting place for us and our visitors.

This open-minded spirit also shapes the way we cultivate our Demeter apples and develop products from them. Diversity, a colourful juxtaposition of plants and animals, smells, colours and sounds are our abiding themes.


At Neuhollandshof, nature, animals and people are viewed holistically – every living being has its space and time here.

Sustainability in the value chain and a respectful treatment of nature, animals and people are the fundamental values by which we act, cultivate and process our products.

Under the banner of Demeter’s high quality we regard our fruit orchard as a living organism, and therefore use natural, bio-dynamic preparations such as medicinal herbs (like valerian), minerals (pebbles) and cow manure in a special way.


Thus we not only promote the fertility of the soil but also the aroma, taste and colour of our fruit.

For us organic fertilization goes without saying. In addition, we not only improve the ecosystem and the aesthetics of our orchard through wild herb zones, bee pastures and roses, but also experience the interplay between man and nature in an inspiring way.

 Many herbs and flowers, especially roses, grow on our farm. They are a habitat and food for birds, insects and many other useful animals. Several bee colonies are at home here and are part of our ecosystem. A dedicated beekeeping community takes care of their maintenance and the growing of flower meadows and herb fields. These flower beds provide the farm with welcome diversification and thus complement our biodynamic fruit cultivation.

30 Apfelsorten - Ernte in Handarbeit


Over 30 apple varieties are lovingly nurtured and cared for here by hand. Togehter with a German university, we research organic farming methods and study new apple varietes for biodynamic farming.

The cycles of life and nature are our first priority. With Demeter cultivation we have chosen the oldest form of organic farming. Like this we protect biodiversity, maintain soil fertility and conserve resources. Soil and trees thank us for this and give us the fruitiest, purest and most natural apples full of nutrients and flavour.