Our Teahouse at the cultural forum



Culture at the Neuhollandshof is a bit like taking time out: throughout the seasons the arts are right at home here, from literature to sculpture, from music to cooking.

We devote ourselves to topics that touch body, mind and soul in equal measure – whether at a tea ceremony or a banquet under the trees.


Tradition and modernity, the established and the experimental, the everyday and the special – all this forms the backdrop for events at our cultural forum.

Whether smaller events in our Frisian kitchen, cozy gatherings in the Japanese tea room or large events in our cultural forum – there is always the right room to find at Neuhollandshof!



The Neuhollandshof is a place of communication, ideal for concerts or readings, workshops or seminars.

The Teahouse at the Kulturforum, the fruit orchard, the rose-lined paths – families large and small feel just as much at home here as seminar participants, art lovers or gourmets.